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Kamis, 14 Maret 2019 | 11:27:04

Forestry Case Allegedly Settles in Riau Regional Police, Riau Regional Police Chief, Shut up

Forestry Case Allegedly Settles in Riau Regional Police, Riau Regional Police Chief, Shut up

actualonline.com.PEKANBARU ||| The accumulation of cases of alleged forestry crimes at the Riau Regional Police, prompted a number of parties and activists to raise their concerns.


Forestry cases allegedly carried out by hundreds of HTI and plantation corporation companies as long as reported by a number of environmental activists such as Jikalahari, FoF and NGOs until now are known that the legal process has not proceeded as it should.


The information was gathered by the media crew from several environmental agencies, both Jikalahari, NGOs, and even the former secretary of the Special Committee for Monitoring and Evaluation of plantation licenses and HTI companies in 2015, Suhardiman Amby from the DPRD said that all of his reports were related to allegationsForestry and environmental crimes at the Riau Regional Police, which are allegedly carried out by hundreds of companies, are now quiet from the news of the development of legal processes, or settling.


"Since we reported the beginning of 2017, we have never known about the development of handling the case again, and until there have been several changes of leadership in the Riau Regional Police, there has never been any information," Suhardiman said when the media crew confirmed some time ago.


the same thing was conveyed by the keynote speaker of the Riau People's Coalition (KRR), Fachri Yasin, answering the Aktual correspondent's question through his cell saying that his side after conducting the Riau Police Dirkrimsus conformation at the end of 2017 turned out to be nil.


so until now he admitted that there had never been any information from the Riau Regional Police to his party as a reporter from 33 Plantation Companies suspected of being perpetrators of Forestry crimes, with indications of Encroachment, Combustion and Transfer of Protected Forest Land without the permission of related parties, which clearlyhas violated RI Law No.41 of 1999 concerning Forestry, especially in article 78 the criminal provisions clearly threaten the perpetrators with imprisonment of up to 10 years and a fine of 5 billion rupiah.


RI Law No. 18 of 2013 concerning the Eradication of Forest Destruction, also threatens every perpetrator of forest destruction and its function by imprisonment and a fine of 500 million rupiah. Next is RI Law No. 32 of 2009 concerning the environment which also threatens the perpetrators of environmental destruction with the threat of imprisonment and a fine of up to 3 billion rupiah, but even if the reporter, consisting of environmental agencies, NGOs and elements of the Riau DPRD has submitted various evidence fromall of them, until now no one is known to be serving a sentence.


"On the occasion of the handover of the position of chief of police last year, the new Riau Regional Police Chief, Inspector General of Policeeko Widodo Prihastopo promised in 100 days to make maximum efforts, but until now forestry cases that have accumulated in the Riau Regional Police, even though the police chief has reached 200 days in office, General Eko Widodo has not shown any concern for forestry cases, "Made Ali Jikalahari coordinator.


For that matter, in order to obtain more detailed information, the media crew had written confirmation to the Riau police chief Inspector General of Police. Eko Widodo, almost before two months after the conformation, until now the Riau Regional Police Chief did not give any response, aka silent.


According to a number of parties who observed the performance of the Riau police chief, it was very challenging for the attitude of the Regional Police Chief who was considered not to respond quickly to forestry issues as well as the National Police's vision and mission, that every leader at all levels must show a quick response in various waysproblem."


We are very sorry, this form of response from the Riau police chief, who did not show meaningful means to uncover and resolve various forestry cases that we know has accumulated in the Riau Regional Police since last year, the National Police Chief needs to do an evaluation of performanceunder it, "said the chairman of the NGO Pilar Bangsa, Superleni, S.Sos.||| Sibarani Ferry ***







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